Our Structure



Our Timebank Structure

As you can see from our timebank’s history, we originally launched this concept of sharing your time with neighbours using a not-for-profit structure. By solely relying on volunteers and fundraising, we were unable to grow and sustain our sharing initiatives.

For this reason, gHood Calgary Timebank is a social enterprise. By charging a membership fee, we will be able to cover our costs and spend the time needed to grow and promote it. The more members we have, the less money you will have to spend paying for services that aren’t available in our timebank. As a social enterprise, all profits are reinvested into the enterprise to achieve our social mission of healing the social fabric of our neighbourhood by helping neighbours share their skills and talents with other neighbours.

If you find you are not using the timebank enough to justify your monthly fee, we hope you will continue your membership and consider it a donation that helps people in our neighbourhood gain affordable access to the services they need. Although we can’t issue you a tax receipt, your membership fee is a direct investment into the strength, vibrancy and resilience of our neighbourhood. This makes it one of the few donation opportunities where you get a direct return on your investment.



Individual Membership – $7/month – less than a Netflix subscription 🙂

This membership is for neighbours who want to connect with neighbours to share the work it takes to stay healthy and happy and living in cared for homes. We all have things we love to do and things we don’t love to do. As our timebank grows we will be able to redistribute our workload and spend more of our time on things that make our hearts sing.

For small businesses or home-based businesses that are hoping our timebank will also help grow your business, please sign up as a business member.

Sponsorships are available for unemployed residents and residents on fixed incomes.

Household Membership – starting at $12/month to a maximum of $25/month

Fun for the whole family! This membership is for groups of people living at the same address that want one person within the household responsible for paying the annual membership fee. Rates vary based on the number of individual users within the household. Sponsorships and/or discounts are available for unemployed youth living at home, other unemployed residents, and people on fixed incomes.

Business Membership – $25/month for businesses with net revenues under $25k/year

A great way to grow your business is to share your services in our gHood Calgary Timebank. By trading your services within our neighbourhood you can grow your connection to our community. This, in turn, becomes a natural word-of-mouth marketing strategy for your business. Because the Timebank serves as an affordable marketing tool for your business, membership rates are higher than they are for residents.