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If you are looking for ways to share and/or market your skills and talents, we have what you need! Our LEARN, LAUNCH, SHARE, and GROW social enterprise model is recognized by the Government of Canada in Harnessing the Power of Social Finance as a fresh approach to creating meaningful employment.

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launch postcard 3Your first opportunity to get to know gHood is on Neighbour Day! Break bread with your neighbours and learn about our first social enterprise, the gHood Calgary Timebank… more

To be invited to our upcoming workshops that will help you explore your path towards becoming a social entrepreneur, email

In the meantime, click here to explore our creator’s social entrepreneurship journey via her blog.


new business start up quickerAt gHood, we are a one-stop shop for launching businesses that aim to create greater good in our hood (aka gHood).

We have everything you need to get your community-based business up and running quickly, including guidance and support in the following areas:

  • Incorporation
  • Business Licensing
  • Trade Name Registration
  • CRA Accounts including GST set up
  • WCB Account set up
  • Social Media set up
  • Basic Website building
  • Basic Logo and Business Card creation
  • Bookkeeping Process set up
  • And more!

If you have a business idea that is a reflection of your own personal creativity, compassion, talents, and strengths, contact


grow your business profits biggerDo you already own a business in our hood? Achieve its full potential by letting us help you find simple and affordable solutions in the following areas:

gHood Marketing is gHood because it’s hyperlocal and helps you build strong relationships in our community.

gHood Bookkeeping is gHood because its done by someone who absolutely loves debits and credits. We provide affordable bookkeeping solutions for small business owners that are tired of doing it on their own.

gHood Processes are gHood because they are flexible and efficient. They take into consideration the strengths of your team and save you money.

gHood Values are gHood because they blend a deep respect for people, profit, and our planet. Bringing out the best in your people, maximizes productivity and profits. Greening your business, maximizes your savings.

Contact if your business is struggling to reach the next level.


A great way to grow your business is to share your services in our gHood Calgary Timebank. By trading your services within our neighbourhood you can grow your connection to our community. This, in turn, becomes a natural word-of-mouth marketing strategy for your business. Because the Timebank serves as an affordable marketing tool for your business, membership rates are higher than they are for residents. Click HERE to join or learn more.