GHOOD Philosophy, HOW do we create GHOOD?

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

We live in one of the most blessed economies on the planet and yet many of us feel powerless. We have accepted unfulfilling work as a fact of life. An economy fuelled mainly by competition, consumption, and natural resource production created jobs for the majority. Well done! With our mental health in crisis, suicide rates at an all-time high, fentanyl addiction and crime on the rise, and oil and gas prices at the mercy of the global economy, we have reached a point in history where it is time to add community to our economic equation.

community and commerceAt gHood, we dream of a world where we can both live and work in a safe, healthy, fun, deeply-fulfilling, and soul-inspiring neighbourhood. To make this dream a reality, we believe our economy, that is painfully divided between public (not-for-profit) and private (for-profit), must be healed. Social entrepreneurship has the power to heal this divide.

Social entrepreneurship takes the best of the private sector, blends it with the best intentions of the public sector and brings out the best in all people. It not only generates profits, but also creates prosperity for ALL people without harming the planet.

bridgeIt has the power to unite the two sectors by building a bridge between them; a compassionate economic bridge that creates meaningful employment for people feeling trapped on either side. Adding it to our equation is the exit strategy for our unsustainable systems.


Social entrepreneurship can restore balance to our systems because it is a reflection of ALL of our human values. It knows how to compete and collaborate at the same time.

The social entrepreneurship value system of people, planet and profit serves as the foundation for gHood.

gHood is a neighbourhood services marketplace where everyone can unleash their own personal power and creativity, showcase and share their skills and talents, and live the life of their dreams. Our creative design has the power to diversify our neighbourhood economy, create meaningful work right here in our hood, and heal our community’s social fabric, which will help us as individuals heal; body, mind and soul. To unlock gHood’s power, all we need is YOU!

Are YOU ready now to create good in our hood (aka gHood)?

Choose your path:


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