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Timebank Neighbour Day Launch Party


Hello Neighbours! I’m baaaack!

Tammy Maloney, here. I’m refreshed, rejuvenated, and excited to reconnect with everyone. After resigning as your President last year, I took the time to think deeply about how I could best be of service to our neighbourhood. I looked back fondly at my 3 years as your President and determined that the one thing that brought me the most joy (and tears) 😊 was experimenting with innovative ways for neighbours to share with neighbours. The one thing that brought me the most sadness (and tears) ☹ was never seeing our sharing initiatives take flight. Share With Your Neighbour Day, the Clothing Swap, and our Front Yard Party Crawl celebrated both giving and receiving and brought a lot of excitement to Tuxedo Park. Social events like these, and many others, helped our association become the vibrant and thriving organization it is today.

But for me, events aren’t enough. We’ve learned the hard way that we can’t depend on oil and gas to meet our needs forever. The time has come for us to start figuring out creative ways to meet our own needs at a neighbourhood level. With this in mind, I am launching a new social enterprise called the gHood (pronounced good) Calgary Timebank.

launch postcard 3

What is a timebank, you ask? A timebank is like the Needs and Offers Share Board that we introduced at our inaugural Neighbour Day event in 2014. Our timebank will be an online platform that will help us to easily trade services with neighbours. Timebanks can save us money, but more importantly they help us to reallocate our time so we are spending more of it doing what we love.

I hope you will join me once again on Neighbour Day, June 17 at 6 pm for a POTLUCK DINNER. Break bread with your neighbours and see firsthand how a timebank can add more joy, meaning, fun, and of course time to your life!


To volunteer at our potluck or learn more, email, call me at 403.831.4503 or visit



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