Welcome to GHOOD HUB!

At GHOOD (pronounced good and short for good in our hood) we believe with the right team, EVERYONE WITH THE COURAGE TO DREAM CAN BE A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR.

Whether you are looking to GROW an existing business, LAUNCH a side-hustle, or LEARN if you have what it takes, GHOOD HUB has what you need.

At the heart of our uniquely designed model, we believe IT TAKES 8 TO BE GREAT. With this in mind, we connect (1) YOU to the expertise you need in the areas of (2) Sales and Marketing,  (3) Technology,  (4) Accounting and Operations, (5) Legal, Insurance, and Risk, (6) Tax, (7) Finance, and (8) Human Resources.

A team of 8 that can help YOU make your business great!



Do you live or own a business in one of the following Calgary, Alberta neighbourhoods?

Highland Park, Tuxedo Park, Thorncliffe, Greenview, Mount Pleasant, or Winston Heights/Mountview

Do one of these statements describe your current entrepreneurial goal?

I have the idea and I want to LAUNCH IN LESS THAN A WEEK.

I am dissatisfied with my current job and I want to LEARN IF I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.

I own a business and I want it to GROW AND BE GREAT.

If you answered YES to both of these questions, email tammy@ghoodhub.com today!